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Biology tutors can help this subject evolve into a subject of true passion for many students. An adept tutor can provide effective strategies to aid with memory work, and a profound understanding of the rudimentary principles of each chapter. This, followed by a logical approach to solving problems, can significantly improve a student's performance and propel them towards top-tier grades in their final examinations.

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JTC GCSE/IGCSE Biology Tutors

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BA Natural Sciences, Cambridge University (2:1)

As an Oxbridge medical graduate, Macky blends his identity of professional tutor with that of part-time doctor. His teaching journey began in 2019 and has evolved into catering to STEM students from KS3 through to Medical School, from the UAE and across the world. Sharing the study techniques he used to achieve his own academic success, Macky aims to build and link the foundations of STEM subjects with exam techniques to help students unlock top grades.

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BA Natural Sciences, Cambridge (1st Class Hons)

With a 1st Class science degree from the University of Cambridge, Luke has an innate passion for science and learning and prides himself on hard work and consistency. Luke has a systematic approach to tutoring, focusing on understanding important scientific concepts from first principles and applying this knowledge to the wide range of exam questions that can come up in line with each specification. Luke also enjoys helping students with their applications to Oxbridge.

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MBiochem University of Oxford (First), PGCE

Elena is a graduate of the University of Oxford turned qualified teacher of Chemistry and Biology. She obtained a first-class final award in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry at Oxford in 2020, while tutoring throughout her entire four-year tenure. She has a profound love for teaching the sciences and fervently believes that with the right guidance, these so-called "hard subjects" can be both exciting and easy to understand.

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BSc Endocrinology, Imperial College London (First Class Honours)

With a first-class honours degree in Endocrinology from Imperial College London, Josh has dedicated over 800 hours to tutoring, helping numerous students gain admission to their first-choice universities.  Sharing his tutoring time with a degree in medicine, he is now an ambassador for Quizlet, AMBOSS, and Make A Medic. His contributions to medical education and research are ample, with over 150 sets of published flashcards benefiting students in medical schools across the UK. 

How our GCSE/IGCSE Biology tutors can help you

Our Biology tutors improve student performance not only by assisting with memorization techniques, but also through careful Socratic questioning to encourage a deep understanding. Unlike textbooks or exams, our tutors are able to provide immediate, detailed feedback, and enable students to articulate their thoughts effectively and with the right terminology. Our approach begins with teaching from first principles - a proven strategy to unlocking superior grades in the most advanced levels of Biology.


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