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Computer Science tutors and their students play an important role in an increasingly digital world. It is a subject that equips students with a deep understanding of how technology works, enabling them to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Further to providing an essential skill set for a vast range of promising careers, it encourages logical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. The theoretical part of most GCSE and A level CS courses can be conquered through understanding by rote, while practical (coding) parts can sometimes present a greater challenge.

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JTC Secondary School Computer Science Tutors

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MSc Comp Sci (LUMS)

Mohsin shares his career in tutoring with that of a part-time software developer, having worked with Silicon Valley startups since 2020. Coupling this passion for teaching with tangible industry experience, he is able to bring real-world relevance to his teaching, bridging the gap between academia and business.

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BSc Computer Science (Hons), University of Glasgow

As a full-time professional tutor with over 1000 teaching hours, George brings a wealth of experience to the world of Computer Science. With a deep-rooted belief that Computer Science, though intricate, can be studied by anyone, he is committed to tailoring lessons in a way that aligns with every student’s unique learning style. It is George’s mission to ensure that learning Computer Science is engaging, personalised, empowering, and enjoyable from the moment a student begins with him.

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BA Maths, Oxford University

Lawrence is a professional tutor with a bachelor's degree in Maths from Oxford and a further master's in Computer Science. With an impressive 8 years of STEM tuition and 6 years in education and mentorship to his name, he specialises in guiding students through the intricacies of Maths, Physics, and Computer Science studies.

How our Secondary School Computer Science tutors can help you

Computer Science tutors must blend theory and hands-on coding practice. Our tutors have a deep understanding of GCSE, A level and IB examinations and are adept at helping students master coding - the key to top exam scores. We offer targeted instruction, unravelling best practices line by line, guiding coding projects, and underpinning a track record in student success.


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