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JTC Education provides customised Business Studies tuition for multiple exam levels, including GCSE Business, IGCSE Business Studies, IB Business Management, and A Level Business. Our tutors aim to improve exam performance through the use of past papers, reinforcing core concepts, developing efficient revision techniques, and promoting comprehensive understanding.

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MSc Business Studies (Hons)

Muhammad is a specialist Business Studies tutor with extensive experience in tuition of students across all levels of Business Studies academia, including GCSEs, BTECs, A levels, as well as Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs in Business and Management. He possesses a comprehensive understanding of the majority of the UK and international business studies curricula. In his role as a tutor, Muhammad aims to facilitate students' comprehension of the practical applications of business academia.

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BA Law and Business Qualifying Law Degree

Lauren shares her tutoring role with that of professional examiner and Head of Business Studies at a top international British private school. Thanks to her time spent as an examiner with different exam boards, she is particularly well-equipped to help her students understand how to maximise marks on both short and long form questions, knowing precisely how to achieve all KAA points in order to reach the top level bands. 

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University of Oxford, Masters in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

After graduating from Oxford University, Anand gained qualified teacher status and began a career as teacher, examiner and later Head of Department in Economics and Business. With over a decade of classroom experience, multiple years of work as a board examiner, and now 20 years and counting as a professional tutor, he brings to JTC Education a refined teaching technique centred around reflection, deep understanding, and exam technique (founded upon his unique insights as an examiner).

How our General Business Studies tutors can help you

At JTC Education, our Business Studies tutors can provide support that caters to each student's unique needs. With proper guidance, students can receive invaluable assistance for specific exams, reinforcement of core concepts, and effective techniques to expand their knowledge boundaries. A good Business Studies tutor prioritises exam performance, empowering a student with confidence, speed, accuracy, and the tools to succeed.


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