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Economics courses, while varying slightly across exam boards like AQA, Edexcel, and OCR, ultimately maintain a consistent core curriculum focussed on essential skills and knowledge. All syllabi cover foundational principles such as supply and demand, various market structures, and examine the economy in the context of globalisation.

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BA Economics, Cambridge University

A Cambridge Economics graduate turned full-time professional tutor, Sam joined the JTC Education team to help students reach their potential in economics and maths. Having accrued over 1600+  teaching hours, he has a systematic method of tutoring that has been proven successful with students of all abilities and all backgrounds. Sam works alongside a team of independent examiners to provide parents and students with objective feedback.

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BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (ranked no.1 in cohort)

Alex holds the remarkable achievement of graduating no.1 in his cohort from the prestigious Durham University in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), a course which has placed Alex as a uniquely multifaceted tutor due to its demand for a mastery in mathematics, language, analytical and essay-writing skills combined.

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Ph.D. in Economics and Management

Kevin holds a joint PhD in economics and management, complemented by a master's degree in economic analysis. He has embarked on a multifaceted career, balancing his academic life as a researcher in economics at the National Fund for Scientific Research in Brussels, with his passion for education, including both university lecturing and tutoring.

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University of Oxford, Masters in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

After graduating from Oxford University, Anand gained qualified teacher status and began a career as teacher, examiner and later Head of Department in Economics and Business. With over a decade of classroom experience, multiple years of work as a board examiner, and now 20 years and counting as a professional tutor, he brings to JTC Education a refined teaching technique centred around reflection, deep understanding, and exam technique (founded upon his unique insights as an examiner).

How our General Economics tutors can help you

Our A level Economics tutors can facilitate understanding of the complex subject matter in GCSE, A level and IB. We assist students in honing their exam technique, and ensure a broad perspective on the subject. Economics tutors can help students to identify areas of development, provide resources for independent study, share strategies for revision and recall, and discuss essay-writing techniques.


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