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Embracing Spanish at GCSE and A level fosters linguistic abilities, enriches cultural perspectives, and opens up a myriad of global career opportunities. With the guidance of a professional Spanish tutor, students receive customised instruction, engaging cultural immersion, strategic exam preparation, and a deep appreciation for the Spanish language and its cultures.

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BSc Spanish and Politics

Laura is our Head of GCSE Spanish at JTC Education. As is a native Spanish and English speaker, who has been teaching Spanish since 2016, she has acquired both an extensive network of advisors (Examiners & Certified Textbook Authors) and exceptional knowledge of (I)GCSE, A-Level and IB specifications which has helped her students to achieve top grades across all levels. Laura’s experience has shown her that languages are learned most effectively in meaningful contexts.

How our IB MYP Spanish tutors can help you

Our Spanish tutors help boost GCSE grades by providing clarity on exam expectations, enhancing conversational skills, and fostering a solid command of Spanish grammar (including essential tenses like the subjunctive). These crucial assessment objectives are key areas to address in order to pave the way for achieving top grades in Spanish.


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