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Computer Science tutors and their students play an important role in an increasingly digital world. It is a subject that equips students with a deep understanding of how technology works, enabling them to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Further to providing an essential skill set for a vast range of promising careers, it encourages logical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. The theoretical part of most GCSE and A level CS courses can be conquered through understanding by rote, while practical (coding) parts can sometimes present a greater challenge.

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MSc Comp Sci (LUMS)

Mohsin shares his career in tutoring with that of a part-time software developer, having worked with Silicon Valley startups since 2020. Coupling this passion for teaching with tangible industry experience, he is able to bring real-world relevance to his teaching, bridging the gap between academia and business.

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BSc Computer Science (Hons), University of Glasgow

As a full-time professional tutor with over 1000 teaching hours, George brings a wealth of experience to the world of Computer Science. With a deep-rooted belief that Computer Science, though intricate, can be studied by anyone, he is committed to tailoring lessons in a way that aligns with every student’s unique learning style. It is George’s mission to ensure that learning Computer Science is engaging, personalised, empowering, and enjoyable from the moment a student begins with him.

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Computer Science tutors must blend theory and hands-on coding practice. Our tutors have a deep understanding of GCSE, A level and IB examinations and are adept at helping students master coding - the key to top exam scores. We offer targeted instruction, unravelling best practices line by line, guiding coding projects, and underpinning a track record in student success.


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