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Our physics tutors are readily prepared to accommodate both those who excel in the subject and those who find it more complex, at GCSE/secondary, IB and A level. At foundational levels, focus must be placed on the mastery of essential mathematical techniques and the ability to accurately convey physics concepts in line with mark schemes. For A level students and beyond, the key lies in repetitive analysis of questions, an underestimated practice wherein many students falter.

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JTC Secondary School Physics Tutors

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MPhys Physics, Oxford University

Jack is a full-time professional tutor with a Master's in Physics from Oxford University. Having refined his own problem-solving, study, and exam techniques through a great deal of trial and error during his own studies, it is with great honour that Jack is now able to accelerate this process for his own students. With a wealth of experience across multiple exam boards and multiple levels, Jack is a firm believer that a clear strategy and meticulous study methods lead to success.

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MSci Physics, Imperial College London (Ranked 1st in cohort)

Joshua heads up JTC’s team of tutors and tracks the progress of all students under our guidance. He is personally responsible for the vetting, training, matching and management of all tutors with students. With ten years experience in education, and having tutored all exam-boards and curricula, Joshua is able to offer students and parents a broad vision of education. With a love for teaching that has never died, he continues to offer weekly masterclasses in maths, physics and chemistry.

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BA Natural Sciences, Cambridge University (2:1)

As an Oxbridge medical graduate, Macky blends his identity of professional tutor with that of part-time doctor. His teaching journey began in 2019 and has evolved into catering to STEM students from KS3 through to Medical School, from the UAE and across the world. Sharing the study techniques he used to achieve his own academic success, Macky aims to build and link the foundations of STEM subjects with exam techniques to help students unlock top grades.

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MA Education, MSc Physics

Having taught at one of the top performing schools of the UK, where more than 35% of the students received an offer from Oxbridge in 2023, Riccardo later joined JTC Education as a full-time professional tutor to challenge and stretch mathematics and physics students. His expertise is strongly focussed on A level, IB DP, UKMT and top UK university entrance exams. He is a strong believer in Socratic questioning, which naturally leads students to discover results by themselves.

How our Secondary School Physics tutors can help you

Our Physics tutors advocate a synergistic approach, integrating content learning and past paper exercises simultaneously. This combination is what ensures a profound understanding of subject matter. Attempting to grasp content and questions in isolation is a common mistake made by students that are not appropriately guided. In tandem, these elements unlock a student's ability to truly comprehend physics and deliver exemplary performances in their final exams. We complement all our methods further with study techniques such as the red-pen study method designed to enhance student organisation and encourage ‘smart study’.


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