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Mastering Mathematics at GCSE level involves a balance of remembering tried-and-true methods and developing problem-solving skills. GCSE Maths, with its blend of algebra, geometry, statistics, and more, presents unique challenges that require a methodical and sustained approach to learning.

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PGCE Mathematics, IGCSE Examiner

Emma is a professional IGCSE examiner, ex-head-of-department, and UK curriculum leader. As a tutor who takes great pride in getting to know the individual needs of each student, she interweaves her expert knowledge into all lessons to help students not only improve in maths, but also exam technique.

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MPhys Physics, Oxford University

Jack is a full-time professional tutor with a Master's in Physics from Oxford University. Having refined his own problem-solving, study, and exam techniques through a great deal of trial and error during his own studies, it is with great honour that Jack is now able to accelerate this process for his own students. With a wealth of experience across multiple exam boards and multiple levels, Jack is a firm believer that a clear strategy and meticulous study methods lead to success.

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MSci Physics, Imperial College London (Ranked 1st in cohort)

Joshua heads up JTC’s team of tutors and tracks the progress of all students under our guidance. He is personally responsible for the vetting, training, matching and management of all tutors with students. With ten years experience in education, and having tutored all exam-boards and curricula, Joshua is able to offer students and parents a broad vision of education. With a love for teaching that has never died, he continues to offer weekly masterclasses in maths, physics and chemistry.

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BSc Mathematics, Imperial College

Alex is a First-class Mathematics graduate from Imperial College with over 4 years and 1500+ hours of tutoring experience. He has a proven track record of boosting grades, success in selective school entrance exams, and improving all-round mathematical confidence for all ages and abilities. He became a tutor because he believes that mathematical literacy is a fundamental skill all children should acquire, and that it is achievable for any student with the right approach. 

How our Maths tutors can help you

Repeatable methods can provide quick wins and serve as stepping stones to better grades. However, honing problem-solving skills requires a comprehensive study plan that gradually expands the student's repertoire without compromising memory retention. Through exposure to a wide range of mathematical challenges specific to GCSE Maths, students steadily build their problem-solving skills, becoming more confident and adept. Mathematics proficiency, even at GCSE level, is not innate but rather refined through persistent practice and application.


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Secondary school maths tuition

At KS3, we prioritise building strong foundations. GCSE concepts will build on those seen during year 7 and year 9.

GCSE Maths Tuition

Rinse-and repeat methods, which are low-hanging fruits, will always be some of the first material covered. However, for students working with us for prolonged periods of time we always aim to improve problem-solving skills.

A level Maths Tuition

A level maths is a notable step up from GCSE Maths. A meticulous and clear strategy can really help students arrive at their A level Maths exam with heightened confidence.

STEP Maths Tuition

The STEP is a mathematics entrance exam to universities such as Cambridge and Warwick. It is notably harder than A level Maths and requires an expert STEP Maths tutor, like those provided by JTC Education, to be able to deliver it.

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