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English can be a difficult subject to receive a good grade in due to its subjective nature. A professional English tutor that’s familiar with the demands of each exam board can demystify assessment objectives and train students how to improve their English at GCSE, IB or A level. For younger years, our professional English tutors are able to teach grammar, punctuation, genre, and comprehension in line with the UK and IB curriculum, providing students a solid foundation for future English Language and Literature exams.

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JTC A level English Literature Tutors

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BA Classics & English, Oxford (2nd in Cohort)

Ranked 2nd in her cohort of Classics and English from the University of Oxford, Maya loves hearing ideas about language and writing. Across her years as a tutor, Maya has seen the remarkable impact that tuition can have on a student’s ability, confidence, and enjoyment of a subject. She shares her career as a professional tutor with that of a professional archivist, committing a regular portion of her week to both.

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Mst English Literature, University of Oxford

Following a postgraduate degree in literature, Elizabeth now uses her expertise and enthusiasm to bring on her students’ writing, reading and ability to excel in all english examinations. Elizabeth believes that students can realise their full academic potential in English by pairing good specification knowledge with the personalised curation of lessons according to pace and interests of students.

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PGCE English, BA English (1st Class Hons)

Andrea has fifteen years of classroom teaching experience, spanning three subjects (English, English Literature and Media Studies) across three key stages (3, 4 & 5) and has worked as the KS4 English leader in one school in the UK. Her work with students includes targeted exam sessions, coursework improvement tutorials, and strategic skills development.

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BA History and French, University of Oxford (First Class Honours - ranked 4th in cohort)

As a first-class Oxford graduate, and teaching experience across three different countries, Oliver is passionate about both tutoring and academia. He places a strong emphasis on achieving top grades through instilling a passion for learning, whether that might be for English Literature, American History or spoken French. He has a deep and sincere love for all his subjects and draws inspiration for his approach from his time within the Oxford tutorial system.

How our A level English Literature tutors can help you

Our English tutors teach students of ten years and older, across the British, IB and US curriculum. During late KS2 and early KS3, tuition is geared towards improving punctuation, grammar and enjoyment of reading. As students transition towards KS4, in order to achieve top grades in GCSE or IB MYP English, focus can shift towards complex sentence structures and tone of voice, accompanied by point-evidence-explain techniques for literature. By A level and IB Diploma Programme, students should have strong foundations and can move towards deeper, more nuanced discussions of literature, language and its role in society. At this level our professional English tutors are able to help students produce robust and cohesive essays under exam conditions.


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