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Studying History at GCSE and A Level not only unravels the past but also develops critical analysis and communication skills. Choosing History can enhance your ability to evaluate sources and articulate complex ideas, valuable in many career paths. A History tutoring plan can allow students to understand concepts at their own pace, reinforcing core knowledge and revision techniques. With JTC Education, we aim to translate a passion for History into academic success.

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BA Classics & English, Oxford (2nd in Cohort)

Ranked 2nd in her cohort of Classics and English from the University of Oxford, Maya loves hearing ideas about language and writing. Across her years as a tutor, Maya has seen the remarkable impact that tuition can have on a student’s ability, confidence, and enjoyment of a subject. She shares her career as a professional tutor with that of a professional archivist, committing a regular portion of her week to both.

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BA History and French, University of Oxford (First Class Honours - ranked 4th in cohort)

As a first-class Oxford graduate, and teaching experience across three different countries, Oliver is passionate about both tutoring and academia. He places a strong emphasis on achieving top grades through instilling a passion for learning, whether that might be for English Literature, American History or spoken French. He has a deep and sincere love for all his subjects and draws inspiration for his approach from his time within the Oxford tutorial system.

How our General History tutors can help you

JTC Education offers specialised History tutoring designed to prepare for specific exams like the 13+ Common Entrance, GCSE History, IGCSE History, IB History, A Level History, the Oxford HAT, and Cambridge University admissions. Our tutors strive to boost exam outcomes through the use of past History papers, crafting revision strategies, and aiding students in extending their historical understanding so as to set them apart from their peers.


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