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IB MYP tutors at JTC Education ensure a harmonious alignment with whichever MYP assessment formats and resources are engaged by a student’s school. In IB MYP, a student's conceptual understanding, knowledge application, and skill development are evaluated through criterion-referenced assessments, either internally or through eAssessments externally. IB MYP professional tutoring plans can help optimise an IB MYP students’ grades in their end-of-course exams, further developing key study and exam technique which will prove invaluable as they progress on their academic journey.

Meet our tutors


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PGCE Mathematics, IGCSE Examiner

Emma is a professional IGCSE examiner, ex-head-of-department, and UK curriculum leader. As a tutor who takes great pride in getting to know the individual needs of each student, she interweaves her expert knowledge into all lessons to help students not only improve in maths, but also exam technique.

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MPhys Physics, Oxford University

Jack is a full-time professional tutor with a Master's in Physics from Oxford University. Having refined his own problem-solving, study, and exam techniques through a great deal of trial and error during his own studies, it is with great honour that Jack is now able to accelerate this process for his own students. With a wealth of experience across multiple exam boards and multiple levels, Jack is a firm believer that a clear strategy and meticulous study methods lead to success.

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MSci Physics, Imperial College London (Ranked 1st in cohort)

Joshua heads up JTC’s team of tutors and tracks the progress of all students under our guidance. He is personally responsible for the vetting, training, matching and management of all tutors with students. With ten years experience in education, and having tutored all exam-boards and curricula, Joshua is able to offer students and parents a broad vision of education. With a love for teaching that has never died, he continues to offer weekly masterclasses in maths, physics and chemistry.

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BSc Mathematics, Imperial College

Alex is a First-class Mathematics graduate from Imperial College with over 4 years and 1500+ hours of tutoring experience. He has a proven track record of boosting grades, success in selective school entrance exams, and improving all-round mathematical confidence for all ages and abilities. He became a tutor because he believes that mathematical literacy is a fundamental skill all children should acquire, and that it is achievable for any student with the right approach. 

How our IB MYP tutors can help you

Our professional IB MYP tutors will not only teach content and review past exam questions, but equally introduce unique study methods, help with schedule planning, and teach the fundamentals of good exam technique. Through the acute knowledge of assessment criteria, and alignment with the scheme of work of a given IB school, our tutors are able to form a strategy to support IB MYP students in getting the best exam grades possible at the end of the course. Our IB MYP tutoring strategies appreciate the distinct requirements of the program (e.g. its interdisciplinary nature) and so are always created with this in mind. To help remain aligned with a school’s specific approach, we will often request a school’s scheme of work ahead of presenting our proposed plan. The IB MYP is a curriculum that offers a great deal of higher-level academic discussion, which is something our tutors relish in delivering.


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IB MYP Tutoring Subjects

At JTC Education, we are able to offer support across all IB MYP subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English (Literature and Language), Spanish, French, Economics, Computer Science, History and Geography. We will begin by requesting the scheme of work from a student’s particular IB school

Online tuition for IB Diploma Programme

Exposing IB MYP students to online learning comes with immense advantages. This format provides an added level of flexibility within their busy schedules, and most students often end up finding that online studying gives them an enhanced ability to navigate the remote nature of university courses and professional roles later in life.

Particulars about the IB MYP

It is useful for parents and students to understand that the IB MYP is an inquiry-based learning curriculum, and therefore, unlike the GCSE curriculum, the exact delivery of it can vary significantly school by school and student by student. This is why it is always important to receive clear communication from a student’s school in order to put in place the best plan possible in place. When approached in the right way and with the correct mentality, IB MYP can instil an incredible level of curiosity and academic rigour in its students.

FAQs about IB MYP Tutoring

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) is a holistic, interdisciplinary curriculum, assessed on coursework and a personal project, and optionally through eAssessments. The IB MYP promotes a global mindset and is graded on pre-specified criteria. Conversely, the UK GCSE focuses on individual subjects, assessed principally through final exams. Each curriculum offers unique strengths and caters to different educational philosophies and student goals. Nevertheless, most students should come out with the same core skill set by the end of Year 11.

If your child thrives in interactive, interdisciplinary learning environments that encourage critical thinking and global-mindedness, the MYP could be a good fit. Moreover, it offers a more continual form of assessment and so is preferred by students who prefer not to have all weight put on their final exams (such as is that case in GCSEs).

Experienced tutors with strong academic backgrounds can really add huge value when delivering IB MYP content. Due to the inquiry-based learning approach, the mere chance to have a tutor to discuss larger and broader ideas is in and of itself valuable, that’s before mentioning that tutors may help refine specific skills which can lead to boosted exam performance.

While the MYP is recognized for its rigorous and comprehensive educational approach, it might not hold the same explicit qualification status as GCSEs in certain contexts, especially within the UK. It's always advisable to check specific entry requirements of future educational paths to ensure a chosen programme is appropriate. The IB Diploma Programme is widely recognised as being of a similar status to A levels however.

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