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Why JTC Education?

Parents say they choose to stay with JTC Education for five main reasons:

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    JTC Education fosters long term relationships with highly-qualified and passionate tutors. Our team comprises examiners, PGCE-qualified teachers and top Oxbridge graduates. All our tuturs are professional, reliable and dedicated to a career in tutoring. Our management team – responsible for strategizing and tracking the progress of each student – is often commended for its efficiency, responsiveness and clear communication.

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    Track Record

    JTC Education is known for its expert knowledge of the UK and IB curriculum. All our tutors have either taught at top institutes that deliver these, or have passed through the same system themselves. Our management team makes it a priority to stay up to date with the latest changes in specifications, exams and admission procedures, such that JTC tutors are always coaching their students towards the unique demands of each exam board.

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    Core Values

    Integrity and transparency are at the core of all we do. We advise promptly and honestly about the time and strategy required for each academic goal, and will only accept requests when we are certain we can add value. Parents regularly praise our professional code of conduct, explaining that it is a weight off their shoulders knowing their children’s education is in trustworthy hands. We believe in leading by example, pushing for the same standard of work ethic in each of our students that we uphold ourselves.

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    We believe that clear and consistent feedback is critical to a student’s success. That’s why parents and students receive a follow-up report after every lesson, detailing progress, ongoing areas of development, and any assigned homework.

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    Our tutors adhere to unique methodologies, designed to refine exam technique and nurture academic independence. As an example, for maths and science we adhere to our red-pen study method – a comprehensive approach to studying that teaches students to identify and address their own areas of weakness.

Why our tuition is online

With the world embracing a new digital age, the most experienced and highly-qualified tutors have moved online, including us. Below are some of the reasons we believe online tuition is the best tuition:

Learn from the comfort of your own home and save time on travel.

Improve your ability to learn and communicate online, keeping you competitive in a digital age.

Improve your focus and attention by working simultaneously on the same screen as your tutor.


Keep your notes organised and easily accessible in a single digitised location.

Learn at a faster pace by leveraging interactive teaching tools.

Connect with the best tutors from all around the world to receive high quality tuition at the most favourable price.

How does JTC Education maintain professional tutoring standards across all subjects?

Parents often relay how impressed they are by the consistent quality of tuition delivered by JTC
Education. We credit this to three core elements within our modus operandi:


JTC Education Tutor’s Handbook

This is a set of professional guidelines and unique tutoring methods produced and maintained through collaboration from all our team. It serves to keep us aligned with the same tutoring methods, communi-cation practices, and strategic planning so that we can continue to deliver a professional service to you.


Structured management

Our most senior team-members, all of whom are full time professionals, play an important role in overseeing the journey of our students. Parents, students and tutors a like may always reach out to our management team for additional support or strategic guidance. Our ability to work as a team, rather than as individuals, means we are able to pool together different experiences and skill-sets to address each and every students’ needs in a different way.


Feedback and growth

Every student and every need is different, which is why we believe the best educators listen. At JTC Education, we track grades and encourage feedback from students and parents at all times, this helps ensure our finger is always on the pulse with regard to the optimal strategy moving forward.

How does JTC Education hire tutors?

Our tutors inform us that JTC Education's interview procedure is among the most challenging, though equally say that it’s worth it to be part of a company that holds professional development at its heart. 

Tutors with appropriate qualifications and experience have their character, pedagogical flair and knowledge tested through four key sections in our interview procedure.

We request tutors to reveal more about their intellectual curiosity by sharing with us what they would write a book about and why.

With a member of our management team in the role of student, in this part we assess teaching ability, lesson structure and knowledge of curriculum. To ensure tutors are aligned with our high professional standards, information regarding expectations of the mock lesson is shared ahead of time.

We test our tutors on specification-specific questions for every subject they wish to tutor, ensuring they are experts in every curriculum/specification they deliver.

It is important that our tutors understand that being a professional-grade tutor extends beyond delivering a strong lesson on a single topic. Lessons must be coupled with a clear strategy and plan. This is why we provide all applicants with a student case-study and request they devise a full strategy (lesson plans and homework) to take that student to their exams.

Our story

JTC Education was founded in the UAE in 2018 by Joshua Colombi – its mission to hold the online tutoring industry to the highest of professional standards.

After graduating top of his year from the 2010 Imperial College London Physics class, Joshua began his tutoring during a sabbatical in the UAE. With a charming career in academia already planned, he was thrown quite off course when he realised how rewarding tutoring could be, and just how invested he had become in each of his tutees.

After the pleas of passionate parents of the UAE, Joshua decided to move his tutoring online in 2015, immediately realising that the tutoring world was missing a trick. Online, students could see typed notes produced at thrice the speed, sketch shapes and transform graphs with the click of a mouse, and learn in a rainbow of colours without a pen (or stylus) ever changing hands! With notes captured in one central digital location, parents simply couldn’t understand why every tutor wasn’t doing the same.


Diving deeper and deeper into the world of tutoring, Joshua began work on a framework (inspired by his own university study methods), which formalised success strategies such as the red-pen study method. It was both gratifying and remarkable to see how these empowered students in a way far beyond that of typical tutoring, but he was left frustrated by an oversubscribed waiting list that couldn’t gain access to it.

Never-ending messages from parents asking where they could find other tutors like him made it evident that the tutoring industry was a repeat victim of unprofessionalism. Eventually the requests grew too frequent to ignore and Joshua set on a mission to form the UAE’s go-to team of professional online tutors.

With quality and professionalism at the forefront of the plan, the formation of JTC Education was always planned to be a marathon not a race. Interview after unsatisfactory interview meant it took years for Joshua to eventually find a team of professional tutors that fit his vision that tutoring could be a chosen professional career.

Once the JTC Education team had finally taken shape, focus began in the UAE where the expertise was strongest. Since then, JTC Education has expanded to have a large reach across the Middle East and UK, the inevitable result of a committed team of passionate and professional tutors. 

Today JTC Education continues to grow steadily with the same important mission as at the time of its conception: to passionately bring professionalism to the online tutoring industry the world over.

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