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Studying French at GCSE and A level sharpens communication skills, broadens cultural understanding, and enhances career prospects in our increasingly globalised world. A professional tutor can offer personalised language practice, cultural insights, exam strategy, and instil a lasting love for the French language and culture

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PGCE & BA in Translation

A native French speaker, Anne has devoted her entire life to languages, living in 3 different countries before finally settling in England some 20 years ago. She started her career in marketing and international development working for renowned companies such as Cartier, before quickly putting her business and linguistic skills toward building her own tutoring and translation businesses around 16 years ago. 

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PGCE MFL, AQA & Pearson Examiner

Sandrine is a native French speaker whose role as an examiner for Pearson (reading paper) and AQA (writing paper) grants her unique insights into GCSE French requirements. She is an active contributor to the wider educational community, an official content creator for the top educational publishers, and a professional teacher-trainer on the latest GCSE requirements. After a decade of classroom teaching at an esteemed independent school in the UK, Sandrine distinguished herself as HOD.

How our French tutors can help you

Our French tutors can improve a student's GCSE grades by clarifying exam requirements, improving speaking abilities, and ensuring a strong grasp of French tenses (such as the subjunctive) - these are all key assessment objectives required to be met to achieve high grades in French.


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