Elena is a graduate of the University of Oxford turned qualified teacher of Chemistry and Biology. She obtained a first-class final award in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry at Oxford in 2020, while tutoring throughout her entire four-year tenure. She has a profound love for teaching the sciences and fervently believes that with the right guidance, subjects like chemistry and biology can be both exciting and easy to understand. 

Committed to dispelling the myths surrounding these so-called 'hard subjects,' Elena tailors her approach to suit each student's unique strengths and challenges. She ensures a solid grasp of the fundamentals before navigating students through exam questions, emphasising all key terms and expressions required to access full marks. To track a student's progress, Elena provides exam questions as homework, dedicating time in the subsequent lesson for a detailed review.

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teaching-experience-icon TUTORING EXPERIENCE

Following a PGCE, Elena became an esteemed teacher at a prestigious UK boarding school in 2020, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the subjects of Chemistry and Biology. Her online tutoring journey began in 2017, when she first began to deliver the specifics of the UK and international A level specifications.

With dedication, extensive hands-on experience and an outstanding proven track record, Elena stands as an invaluable resource and mentor for students seeking academic excellence.

education-icon EDUCATION

  • MBiochem University of Oxford (First)
  • PGCE Coventry University
  • A Levels: Chemistry (A*) - Biology (A*) - Mathematics (A)

Subjects / Exam Boards icon SUBJECTS/ EXAM BOARDS

  • A level / IB Biology: All exam boards
  • A level / IB Chemistry: All exam boards
  • GCSE Chemistry: All exam boards
  • GCSE Biology: All exam boards


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