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Composing the perfect UCAS personal statement is tough. It requires careful drafting, and redrafting, and redrafting again; and it will most likely be the most painstaking side of A4 you compose during that year.


What's more, guidelines for producing the perfect statement can appear grey, hazy, and, a lot of the time, somewhat general. Yes, unfortunately there's no one single winning formula, but there are some definite dos and don'ts! It's important to pay attention to these as a quality personal statement can often tip the scales when it comes to a university making its offer.

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JTC UCAS Consultations

JTC's expertly-trained personal-statement consultants offer three different levels of service, each to a different degree of depth, to help with your UCAS personal statement:

1) Blank-sheet Consultation

For: Students that can't get started.

Format: One-hour online consultation.

What to expect: We will primarily discuss which points should be included in your personal statement and how it should be structured. If time permits, we will assist in the beginning of a rough outline.


Fee: 400 AED 

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2) Simple Consultation

For:  Students that believe they've already got a winning statement but would like a final pair of eyes to check over it.

Format: Email consultation

What to expect:  After sharing your statement with us we will reply via email (or google docs) with surface-level comments (approx. 1-2 paragraphs). However, please note that no actual edits will be made.

Example comments could include:

- Opening too cliché

- Drop quotations (universities don't want this)

- Did not explain why subject X will help with university degree etc.

- Too much info on grades - uni already receives this.

- Etc. etc.

Fee: 150 AED.

Note: If we find the statement to be lacking significantly after a simple consultation, we will advise booking an in-depth consultation (detailed below), waivering 100 AED of the fee.

3) In-depth Consultation

For: Students that have produced a full draft but believe it needs improving.

Format: One-hour online consultation

What to expect:  Together we will run through your draft and make any appropriate edits.

If the consultation is entered with an already-strong draft, the statement should be ready for submission by the end of the session; otherwise, we will ensure the the student understands what future changes need to be made to take it to completion.

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Fee: 450 AED; (100 AED of fee waivered if booked after a simple consultation)

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