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Waleed was ranked no.1 at GIKI (Pakistan's no.1 tech institute) across all engineering departments before earning a scholarship for a Master's at Imperial College London. He joined the team at JTC Education, post-graduation, as a full-time professional tutor to help science and maths from secondary school up to first-year undergraduate level. Waleed believes in helping students understand a subject more deeply so that they can apply that knowledge more confidently to examinations and real-world problems. He has tutored over six thousand hours with JTC Education to date and considers the care and communication with which he deals with each student to be of paramount importance.


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Waleed has been a professional full-time tutor since 2018, helping 200+ students at KS3, GCSE, A level, IB, and even university level, specialising in all sciences up to GCSE level, and Physics/Chemistry/Maths a A level and beyond. As an expert in a range of exam boards, Waleed has accumulated a significant database of his own resources which he shares with students to consolidate concepts before/after lessons. As a full-time tutor, he has taught many specifications across the UAE and UK several times over. His knack for customising lesson paces to suit individual students' abilities ensures each learner achieves their utmost potential. Waleed's expertise allows him to provide clear, targeted advice on exactly what a student needs to master for their final exams, streamlining their study process for optimal results.

education-icon Education

  • MSc. Sustainable Energy Futures, Imperial College London (Commonwealth Scholarship)
  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering, GIKI (Valedictorian - Gold Medalist)

Subjects / Exam Boards icon Subjects / Exam Boards

  • KS3 Science
  • GCSE/IGCSE: All exam boards for Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • A level: All exam-boards for Physics and Chemistry
  • IB SL & HL : Chemistry and Physics
  • Undergraduate level: Engineering (Mechanical, Aeronautical, Civil, Chemical etc.) and select chemistry courses.


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