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With her vast expertise in primary level English, Suzanne joined JTC Education to help primary school and EAL students with English, including preparing them for competitive entrance exams to globally-renowned secondary schools. Driven by her enduring passion for teaching, which springs from the delight of shared learning experiences and the challenge of nurturing each student's unique abilities, Suzanne strives for excellence with each student. Using  vocabulary-building strategies, customised reading lists, paired reading/comprehension activities, and with over a decade of experience focussed on this particular area of education, her students frequently express enjoyment in the considerable knowledge they gain during every session with her.

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teaching-experience-icon Teaching Experience

Suzanne brings a wealth of tutoring experience in primary school English and EAL, drawn from her decade-long tenure as an English coordinator at the prestigious Harrow International School. She has the advantage of having taught across all year groups at the primary level, delivering consistently above-average results in UK SATs. Her teaching background is diverse and inclusive, having worked with EAL students, a Gifted and Talented curriculum, and more traditional teaching/tutoring environments. Beyond mastering a wide array of technology to deliver primary English education, Suzanne also served as an adviser and architect of the online curriculum at Harrow during the height of COVID,  showcasing her versatility and innovation in online teaching methods.

education-icon Qualifications

  • BA Hons Primary Education (2009)
  • Ex-English Coordinator - Harrow International School, Bangkok
  • TESMC (ESL Tutoring Qualification)

Subjects / Exam Boards icon Subjects and Levels

  • Primary school English - Year 4+ 
  • 11+ Entrance Exams (Writing, Comprehension, VR)
  • EAL and vocabulary/language acquisition 

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