Our Team

“The best tutors teach students how to study independently; how to open a book and dissect information; how to structure a timetable allowing for both work and fun; and, perhaps most importantly, how to find pleasure in setting their mind to a challenging task.”

Joshua | Founder & Head Tutor

Joshua graduated from Imperial College London in 2014 where he won the Abdus Salam Prize for highest-achieving MSci Physics graduate. He has decade's worth of full-time professional tutoring to his name and has seen many students of the UAE into world-leading universities.


Having taught the entire spectrum of the UK, IB and American curriculum, Joshua offers a broader view of education than any competing leader in the UAE.




MPhys Physics, Oxford University

Professional Tutor


BSc Mathematics, Warwick University

Teacher at UK selective and Top 5 IB 


BSc Maths, Imperial College London

Professional Tutor




Msci Physics,

Imperial College


MPhys Physics,

Oxford University


MSc Sustainable Energy,

Imperial College


BA Natural Science Tripos, Cambridge Univerity




MSc Sustainable Energy Futures,

Imperial College London


Msci Natural Sciences, 

Cambridge University


MSci Physics 

Imperial College London





A level & GCSE Examiner


BA w/ pre-medicine,

Yale University


BA Neuroscience,

Cambridge University


BA Natural Science Tripos, Cambridge Univerity


Adam | BA English, Cambridge University (1st Class Hons)

Adam delights in being able to talk about all things language and literature with young and malleable minds. As head of english at JTC Education, it is his privilege to share such joy with others by delving deeper into the power of words. Adam believes that all students are capable of achieving top grades once equipped with appropriate guidance and mentoring.



Tom | BA History, Oxford University

Having started his own academic journey in no other than Dubai College, Tom joined JTC Education to share his ongoing passion for history and english. Tom uses skill-based teaching methods in both these subjects. He recognises history as a skill rather than as a string of fact and date-learning. Tom makes content engaging whilst ensuring students can still deploy new knowledge during exam time. 


Computer Science

Mohsin | MSc Comp Sci, LUMS

Mohsin has been working as a full-time professional tutor for the past 3 years. He holds a wealth of experience in different exam boards for both maths and computer science. His priority is forming clear plans with students so as to guarantee success in their final exams.


Mohsin also provides full practical support for any technical projects in CS along with the strengthening of theoretical points



Callum | BSc PPE, Oxford University

As a professional tutor, Callum knows the niche demands of each economics exam-board like nobody else. Yes, there is content to learn. But the content goes nowhere without the knowledge of how to put it correctly into essays; and each exam-board requires a different approach.

Callum helps students primarily in the UK and IB curriculum as well as running group sessions in economics for JTC Eduation.


Modern Foreign Languages