The 'Pop-Quiz' Study Method

Updated: Aug 8

On a hot and blistering Sunday afternoon in the UAE I had a eureka moment. Like so many great ideas, it was genius in its simplicity and obvious in hindsight. It was the 'pop-quiz' study method, and it's been one of my favourite study methods ever since!

the Method

The idea is very simple: As you read/study from a textbook, turn all the dense and waffly and heavy text into a 'rolling pop-quiz'.

Otherwise said: Make up questions based on what is written and write your own answers to them with help from the textbook.


This is the beginning of an example I made using the AQA 9-1 Physics GCSE textbook:

The Benefits:

  1. You revise actively rather than passively when reading the textbook.

  2. You force yourself to extract useful information only.

  3. You compile a sensational list of questions to revise from—in a 'look-cover-check style', later on.

  4. You begin to second-guess the kind of questions that can be asked in an exam.

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