JTC Education: How we guarantee the best tutors

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

At JTC Education, we believe there are a handful of essential qualities that can be identified in any great educator, and our vetting process ensures that our teachers have them all!

1) Academic Capability

Albert Einstein famously said: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Indeed, anyone wishing to teach a subject for JTC must firstly possess a deep and unwavering understanding of it themselves.

Solution: All our tutors must pass a carefully-designed independent test on the hardest and most niche parts of any subject they wish to teach.

2) Personability

It's all well and good satisfying Einstein, but if others can't relate to a person, they are unlikely to make a good teacher.

Solution: Joshua (our managing director) always takes the time to get to know personally any tutor wishing to teach for JTC Education. He says: "A great teacher needs to have spark, a passion for life, and a quirky, fun side. When all this is coupled with excellent knowledge of their subject, we are one step away from the full package!"

3) Organisation

It may be a simple skill to develop, but it's one that many students lack. We believe that a teacher must lead from the front with their form of organisation.

Solution: All our tutors are trained in JTC's unique revision and study-planning methods. As such, our tutors will not only organise students, but more importantly teach them to organise themselves.

4) Patience

This is a vital quality in any teacher worth their namesake. This is what puts a student at ease when they are struggling, and means they will not shy away from speaking up when there is an issue with understanding.

Solution: This is hard quality to vet for, but rest assured that JTC keeps regular tabs on the comfort and enjoyment of all its students. As such, JTC remains certain that all its tutors will be appropriately understanding and patient in their teaching approach.

5) Training

Finally, to ensure all our teachers provide exactly the same high quality of teaching, they are required to follow a short course in JTC's teaching methods—or, more specifically, tutoring). This course is exclusively available to JTC Education tutors.

Come learn with us at JTC Education!

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