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Tutor Onboarding Procedure

1] Tutor Bio:

Please make a copy of this doc, fill it out to the best of your ability, and share the copy to or the JTC Education WhatsApp ( +971 58 598 0190 ). 


Notes: The content will likely be tweaked after your attempt to make your profile as attractive as possible to clients. This will be shared and ok’d with you before sharing to any clients / publishing on the website. 


2] Headshot:

Please take a headshot in the same stance as the one below i.e. shoulders to the side, face pointing forwards, warm smile. The higher quality the image the better, but a decent phone camera will easily suffice. The background isn’t too important as the photo will be edited, but the plainer the background the easier the edit job. Please share the photo to . Do not share via Whatsapp as this compresses the quality of the image. 


3] Availabilities:

 Please make a copy of this sheet, fill out your present availabilities and share with (or WhatsApp: +971 58 598 0190)

4] Email:


This is a later task. Before connecting with your first student you will be set up on a email account for branding purposes.

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