How does online tuition work?

Watch this 1 minute video and find out!

For more more details on anything in the video, see below:



An interactive whiteboard app upon which a teacher and student can write simultaneously. No software needed—it's as simple as following a link! 

Notes can be saved at the end of a lesson as a pdf file.



Zoom is JTC Education's VOIP of choice. We share meeting details with you to your email/phone before the start of any lesson



Note: Phone screens are impractically small when using BitPaper interactive whiteboard app.


Graphics Tablet (optional) and/or Phone: 

In lessons it is critical that we can see students’ approaches to answering questions. The ideal format through which this happens is with the use of a Graphics Tablet.


If students prefer not to commit immediately to purchasing a tablet then sending photos via Whatsapp messenger works equally well. 

Note: Some notebooks/iPads allow for the use of other gadgets such as Apple pencils or styluses, which can work equally well.



Not an absolute necessity, but it helps to prevent feedback on video calls.

Brain Storming on Paper

Pen and Paper:

It's always useful to have pen and paper to hand when studying, even though it often isn't necessary whilst on a graphics tablet.