Example Videos


Below are some videos on selected topics that transcend (and confuse) all age-groups.

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Quadratic Equations—the proprietors of projectile-motion and the masters of maximum areas—you might love them, you might hate them, but you certainly can't escape them! 


In this 30-minute crash course Joshua covers everything you could possibly want to know about this important area of maths.

The first 23-minutes of this video is suitable for students of all levels, though it may be a little fast-paced for a student just learning the topic for the first time.

The final 7-minutes is A-level/IB only material.


The Horse and Cart Paradox. Think you understand Newton's 3rd Law? Then how, if every force gives rise to an equal and opposite force, can anything ever go anywhere?


Check out this video for an explanation of the most poorly-understood fundamental law of physics! 

The topic is relevant for all students of all ages studying physics.


The Infamous Mole! Yes, the mole has been giving grief to chemistry students for years and years and years—and yet it's nothing more than a measure of amount! 

Learn and consolidate your understanding of the mole as we cover the basics of stoichiometry in this short 25-minute video.

The video is suitable for any chemistry student at GCSE-level or above.