Physics is the only profession in which prophecy is not only accurate but routine.—Neil DeGrasse Tyson    

At JTC Education, after passing required interviews and tests, all tutors are trained in the latest educational technology and our unique teaching methodology.


KS3 / GCSE / A level / IB


Joshua says: “School textbooks often skim the surface of physics in an unsatisfactory way, often leaving even the brightest of students bewildered. Physics is a subject that demands depth, sometimes in a way that a book alone can't offer, and this is where someone with a 'view of the subject from above' can step in and help.

I often use bespoke questions, collected and composed across my past decade in teaching, to help improve students' understanding of the subject material and necessary exam techniques. As a tutor, I intimately know curricula and textbooks at GCSE, A level and IB, across various exam boards, and in a way that specialised classroom teachers often won't.


I have a track-record of taking students from D grades to A grades at A level and am often the go-to guy for those ambitious students searching for the elusive L9 or A*.” 


Outside of tutoring, Joshua enjoys juggling and playing music; he is the founder and MD of JTC Education. His full credentials can be viewed here.

Joshua graduated from Imperial College London in 2014, winning the prestigious Abdus Salam Prize for highest-achieving MSci Physics graduate. He now has under his belt a decade's worth of tutoring and has seen many students of the UAE into world-leading universities.


KS3 / GCSE / A level

Katie says: "My early interest in science was fuelled by a desire to better understand our universe. Alongside JTC Education, I now hope to spark that same interest in my students.


In my lessons, I aim to firstly teach content, later following up with how to apply it. At the end of each lesson I update and track our plan to guide you through your physics revision. Whilst I hope my students come to find a deeper appreciation of physics, my principle focus is to help you develop a ‘growth mindset’ with exams—to help you discover that any exam may be navigated competently and calmly with hard work and the correct approach.” 

Katie now enjoys learning the guitar in her free time, but in a past life was an active member of the Royal Astronomical Society, working on missions such as the Solar Orbiter and Cassini project!

Katie graduated Imperial College London with an upper second class honours in MSci Physics after being awarded the prestigious president's scholarship. After graduating, Katie set up her own UK-based tutoring company where she gained a wealth of experience in GCSE and A level Physics, later joining the team at JTC. She is recognised as exceptionally organised, patient, and committed to her work.


KS3 / GCSE / A level / IB

Waleed says: "I do not believe in only improving the grades of a student, but also in helping them understand the subject so that they may apply their knowledge in solving real-world problems. I aim to consolidate concepts and expand a student's spectrum of thinking by relating examples with daily life. 

As a full-time tutor having taught many courses several times over, I am able to tailor the pace of a lesson to the ability of a student, and, in particular, can advise on exactly what the student does and doesn't need to know for their final exam."

Outside of teaching, Waleed loves all things sports: cricket, football and chess (yes, he considers it a sport!). 

Waleed graduated from Imperial College London in 2018 with an MSc. in Sustainable Energy Futures. Since then, he has spent two years working as a full-time, professional tutor, working with over one-hundred students at GCSE, A level, IB, and even university level. As an expert in a range of exam-boards for chemistry and physics, Waleed has accumulated a significant database of resources which he always shares with students to clarify concepts before/after lessons.

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