Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding. —William Thurston

All tutors are regularly interviewed to ensure they are up to date with our unique tuition methodology and the demands of each exam specification.


KS3 / GCSE / A level / IB


Joshua says: “Mathematics, like any other skill, can be developed and improved with practice; but what younger students often lack is the maturity to form effective plans to carry this out. This is the first thing I look at with all students: Together, we collect resources, design a plan, and immediately get to work on the most challenging areas of the given course. 

With ten years experience as a full-time maths tutor, I am privy to all the classic pitfalls and careless errors a student might make (regardless of ability). 

I have a proven track-record of taking students from failing grades to A/A* grades at KS3, GCSE, A level and IB, and am often seen as the UAE's 'go-to guy' for those extremely ambitious students searching for that elusive 100%."


Outside of tutoring, Joshua enjoys juggling and playing music; he is the founder and head tutor of JTC Education and his full credentials can be viewed here.

Joshua graduated from Imperial College London in 2014, winning the prestigious Abdus Salam Prize for highest-achieving MSci Physics graduate. He now has under his belt a decade's worth of tutoring and has seen many students of the UAE into world-leading universities.


KS3 /GCSE / A level / STEP

Alex says: “I very much enjoy helping students improve, and take great pleasure in working alongside them as they further their understanding of mathematics. I've tutored students of a wide variety of ages and abilities, from those struggling with basics, to competent students who can be offered further, problem-based challenges. On top of working with younger students, I enjoy helping with university interview preparation, teaching first and second year university maths, and helping with entrance exam preparation (including the infamously challenging STEP exam, which I myself sat as younger student).”

In addition to teaching, Alex enjoys playing the piano, reading, running and taking photographs. 

Alex graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Mathematics in 2013. As a secondary school maths teacher, and through some of London's top tutoring agencies, he has accumulated nine years of teaching experience to date.


KS3 / GCSE / A level

Daniel says: “Teaching is more important than just reciting a curriculum. It is about  solving problems proactively and persevering when faced with tough challenges. Sometimes the solution to an answer isn’t immediately obvious in maths, and sometimes it requires hard thinking—that’s why it's amazing! I like to guide a student to the right answer in such a way that they haven’t just memorised a method, but have actually understood it.


Throughout my teaching, I adhere closely to JTC Education’s study techniques (in particular the red pen study method). I enjoy seeing how quickly JTC's methodology turns my students into independent learners and, in turn, confident mathematicians.” 


Outside of tutoring, Daniel runs his own company where he designs brain-teasers & logic puzzles for commercial use.

Daniel graduated from Imperial College London in 2014 with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics. He began his teaching career almost a decade ago at some of London's most elite tutoring agencies, finally joining the team at JTC Education in 2020.


KS3 / GCSE / A level / IB


Max says, "I've always loved mathematics, and I've always wanted to teach. I feel a natural high every time I help someone understand a new concept and achieve their 'light-bulb moment' of the day. It is the reason I am still relishing my career to this day. I enjoy challenging younger students to think more carefully about some of the foundations they are building through puzzles and reflective questions. I cater each session to my students' strengths and needs, helping to build their confidence whilst still appropriately challenging them. 


I'm fascinated by the idea of the 'maths wall' which some students feel they hit at various stages of their school life. I have helped many students overcome this, and can proudly say no one ever leaves my sessions feeling like they 'can't do maths'."


Outside of teaching maths, Max also tutors guitar up to grade 8 and is a travel enthusiast, having seen 64 countries and counting so far! 

Max has 8 years of teaching experience behind him, both at a number of UK selective schools (where he is currently based) and at one of the World's Top 5 IB schools. He teaches at the highest level—Further Mathematics A-level and Higher Level IB—and has regularly seen Ivy league and Oxbridge candidates through to their final years of education.


GCSE / A level


Zachary says: "The key to a student's engagement with a subject like maths is real-world examples. I aim to make textbook material as engaging as possible so that students may learn to find a genuine pleasure in working outside of my lessons; I distinctly remember this as pivotal in my own success. I am fully invested in my students' progress and endeavour to always make myself readily available when a student gets stuck.


Let's embark on a journey into the weird and wonderful of mathematics together!"


Zachary has recently returned to the world of academia and is now completing a Postgraduate Masters in Data Science and Statistics at the University of Bath. 

Zachary graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Southampton, having achieved a double A* in Maths and Further Maths at A level. For the past 4 years Zachary has been tutoring Mathematics at GCSE and A level, including working as a teaching assistant in a London-based school. He enjoys working alongside students to figure out how to achieve their goals.

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