"Few scientists acquainted with the chemistry of biological systems at the molecular level can avoid being inspired."—Donald Cram

All tutors are regularly interviewed to ensure they are up to date with our unique tuition methodology and the demands of each exam specification.


KS3 / GCSE / A level / IB

Joshua says: “Chemistry textbooks don't always present chemistry in the most logical way, and certainly don't make a big enough deal out of the periodic table, which almost all my lessons are centred around! Due to hiding much of the 'finer' details at GCSE and A level, the subject can sometimes come across as somewhat 'learn-by-rote'. This is where someone with a an understanding of the subject at a higher level can help out.


I use bespoke questions—collected and composed across the past decade—to improve my students' understanding of the subject in a heuristic manner. As a long-standing professional tutor, I have come to intimately know the curriculum and textbooks up to GCSE level across all different exam boards.


I now have a decade-long track-record of taking struggling students from failing to high grades in GCSE Chemistry, and pushing top students towards 100%.


Outside of tutoring, Joshua enjoys juggling and playing music. To find out more about him, click here; or to watch him teaching chemistry, click here.

Joshua graduated from Imperial College London in 2014 winning the prestigious Abdus Salam Prize for highest achieving MSci Physics graduate. He now has under his belt a decade's worth of tutoring GCSE Chemistry and has seen many students of the UAE into world-leading universities.


KS3 / GCSE / A level / IB

Waleed says: "I do not believe in only improving the grades of a student, but also in helping them understand the subject so as to apply their knowledge in real-world problem-solving. I aim to consolidate concepts and expand a student's spectrum of thinking by relating abstract examples with common life phenomena. 

As a full-time tutor having taught many specifications several times over, I am able to tailor the pace of a lesson to the ability of a student, and, in particular, advise on precisely what they do/don't need to know for their final exam."

Outside of teaching, Waleed loves all things sports: cricket, football and chess (yes, he considers it a sport!). 

Waleed graduated from Imperial College London in 2018 with an MSc. in Sustainable Energy Futures. Since that time he has spent two years working as a full-time, professional tutor, helping over one-hundred students at GCSE, A level, IB, and even university level. As an expert in a range of exam-boards for chemistry and physics, Waleed has accumulated a significant database of resources which he always shares with students to consolidate concepts before/after lessons.



Conor says: “Throughout school it can often feel that science is taught as a string of facts to be memorised. I strongly believe in the importance of building axioms of knowledge from which facts no longer need be memorised, but rather understood. Once understanding has been reached, exams are no longer a test of memory, but a simple and fun puzzle to be solved.


At GCSE level, I focus heavily on exam and revision technique, critical components of success at all educational levels and indeed in any career. 


Whilst my lessons are tailored to a student's particular needs, they are also largely structured around tackling exam questions. This helps reinforce the concepts I teach on top of demonstrating how students will have their knowledge tested. 


I have always been a passionate and proactive tutor and am very excited to help students achieve the top grades they deserve!"

Conor graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA (Hons) in Physiology and Developmental Neuroscience. With 3A*s at A Level and 5 years of tutoring experience, Conor hopes to demonstrate how enjoyable and amazing science can be, and that, although daunting, exams can be beaten!



Macky says: "Chemistry is integral to understanding the mechanisms and structure of life. But with innumerable intricacies, many students can find this subject difficult to wrap their head around. In my lessons I hope to break difficult topics down into simpler components whilst also challenging my students to learn more of the minutiae of the subject. I aim to push and challenge students to reach their greatest potential in a subject, adhering to the belief that any goal is achievable with hard work and the correct mindset.

It is a great privilege to be able to prepare the next generation of medical professionals and scientists through my work at JTC Education."

In Macky's spare time he enjoys writing and partaking in comedic sketch shows.

Macky graduated with an upper second class honours in Neuroscience from Cambridge University, having achieved 3 A*s in Maths, Biology and Chemistry at A level. He has been tutoring for a number of years now, previously working with Chinese international students before joining the team at JTC Education in 2020.

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