Present Students 

"I love learning in Joshua's Physics and Maths group sessions. They are fun and interesting whilst remaining exam and curriculum focussed.

My grades are up and I feel like an all round more confident  physicist and mathematician".

Student, Year 13, DC

Mock grade: D , Final grade: A


I know I can trust JTC Education to do the very best by my children. It takes a huge weight off my mind knowing I can just leave it up to them.

Parent, Year 11, NAS


"Joshua is an extremely rare tutor, having both a deep understanding of physics and mathematics as well as an astoundingly thorough and creative approach to teaching. He is always up to date with the demands and changes in curriculum of the various A level exam boards, knowing all too well what it takes to achieve top grades having achieved them himself in Sixth form and as an undergraduate. For us, he served equally as a mentor, helping us develop sound physical intuition that we still carry with us today at university."

—Mark D (UPenn) :

—Muhammad M (Yale) 

—Emaad A (Cornell) 

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