Present Students 

"I love learning in Joshua's physics and maths group sessions. They are fun and interesting whilst remaining exam and curriculum focussed.

My grades are up and I feel like an all round more confident  physicist and mathematician".

—Student, Year 13, DC

Mock grade: D , Final grade: A


I know I can trust JTC Education to do the very best by my children. It takes a huge weight off my mind knowing I can just leave it all up to them.

—Parent, Year 11, NAS


"JTC made me a better student by emphasising the importance of time management and the act of “studying smart”. All tutors frequently shared time management and study techniques with me, allowing me to become a more organised student and a more efficient learner. To this day, I  still apply these techniques in university, meaning I can find time for the things i enjoy outside of studying, whilst still getting excellent grades."

IB Diploma Programme

Predicted: L.3 Physics, L.5 Maths. 

Final: L.7 Physics, L.7 Maths

—Sami Z (Toronto University)