Teaching Philosophy

The best tutors teach students how to study independently; how to open a book and dissect information; how to structure a timetable allowing for both work and fun; and, perhaps most importantly, how to find pleasure in setting their mind to a challenging task. 

Having fun, building confidence

Problem-solving is hard, and under pressure it’s even harder—for everyone! That’s why first and foremost we believe a student’s confidence must be built up—in a focussed, but equally relaxed and fun manner.

Once a student gains confidence in a subject, they invariably begin to enjoy it more. At that point, the rest works itself out in nothing less than a wonderful, positive spiral—every time!

At JTC Education, hard work and fun need not be mutually exclusive.

Work, work, work , workload

Students studying with JTC Education can expect regular homework. The exact quantity will vary depending on age, how often they meet with us, and how much they are receiving from school.

Whilst an elevated innate ability might make for an easier ride at certain times in education, we at JTC adamantly believe that a student willing to put in the hard work (and they will be expected to) can achieve any goal they wish. 

Becoming an independent learner

JTC believes that the best educators teach their students how to educate themselves.


As with anything that is worthwhile, this is not an easy task, and it may even come at the cost of perfect grades at times; however, this is a skill that will serve a student far beyond the mere duration of their school exams, or, better said, for the rest of their lives.

We stand by the belief that the most valuable lesson a student can be taught is how to study.

Being honest

We work on the assumption that parents (and students) want us to be direct about their shortcomings and strengths. We believe this to be of far greater benefit to all parties than overestimating predicted grades or giving sterling reports where they are not due.


We believe that all problems—if identified early enough—have a solution. Yes, that solution may entail a lot of work, but we are here to help.

Getting the grades

"But the G-R-A-D-E-S, they're what really matter!" 


Yes, they are important, it would be disingenuous of us to say that they aren't; but we truly believe that great grades are an inevitable consequence of all of the above, and it's as simple as that! 


We've worked with enough students now to know that, ultimately, attitude and discipline count for far more than any amount of 'natural ability' that may be shown.

Exam Preparation

Sitting an exam should be treated like running a 100m Olympic race: You want to ensure maximum performance on the day.


This means attention to detail: What time are you sleeping? What are you eating before the exam to maximise your concentration? How will you plan your revision in the final hours leading up to the exam?

When it comes to exam time it's a fine balance between psyching yourself up and calming yourself down. We want you to be feeling that good nervous energy, raring to go, ready to show-off all the hard work you've put in across the year. For further ideas on how to maximise your performance during exam period, we recommend the following JTC blog article.

In a nutshell, our teaching philosophy is shared with our life philosophy: Play hard, work harder!

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