KS2 Assessments

Meet Giorgio, our head of KS2 assessments and consultations.


Giorgio has worked in education for over 40 years, accumulating a wealth of experience that includes:


  • Headteacher of UK independent Primary School.

  • Lecturer in Primary Teacher Training (Maths).

  • International Primary and Secondary Teacher Training (Maths, English and Science).

  • Educational Consultant for leading national and international educational companies.

  • Test Development Consultant (DfE) for national test materials in Maths, Science and English.

  • Senior Marker and Trainer of Supervisors for National Curriculum tests (Maths).

What does an online KS2 Assessment entail?

We will firstly send an email with some basic questions regarding your child's year-group, birth month, set group, and anything else we might deem necessary to select the appropriate assessment papers.

The student will then be asked to complete a selection of Maths and English papers (total time approx. 2 hours) within a period of one week.

Upon receiving a scan of the answered papers via email, we then request one week to mark and compile our one-page report. 

School Children

Once the report is complete, a 30-minute consultation will be arranged online with Giorgio in which he will take you through our findings and offer a prognosis (the best way in which your child may continue to develop at home).


There is a flat-fee of 600 AED for this service.

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