About Joshua

Life Outside Teaching

Sometimes it's important to know the human behind a business, particularly when said business revolves around inspiring and helping young people. Here's a lowdown on what Joshua likes to do outside of teaching maths and science (spoiler alert: it's all a bit 'maths-and-physicsy'!)


Joshua has always loved juggling and claims that he always will do! 


"There's too much maths in juggling not to love it," he says. "If you stop to think for a moment, a juggler needs to throw n objects in the air for periods of t seconds and ensure no two of those objects land in the same hand at the same time—that's the beginning of any mad mathematician's dream!"

Click play on the video learn all about it!


Joshua has loved music from a very early age, and to this day he delights in playing the classical guitar, saxophone and piano.

At the moment, he is particularly enamoured with Bossa Nova and any music of the Brazilian variety.

He recently picked up the fife and regularly rejoices in explaining all the physics hidden inside of it—click on the video to see for yourself! 


Joshua has always had a penchant for adventure, but it was only later in life that he realised the glorious freedom that only tour-cycling could bring!


Here are some photos from Joshua's last expedition—LEJOG (otherwise known as Land's End to John O'Groats). 

Image by Aaron Burden

Joshua is a keen writer, both creatively and scientifically.

As well as writing all the educational blog posts that can be found on this site, he continues to devote a lot of his spare time to the composition of novels and short stories.