Masterclass Groups 2020/2021

Joshua's Groups.

Note: All timings displayed are GST (UAE timings)

GCSE Physics (year 10)


1:10pm - 2:10pm

In this group, we are largely following the order that Dubai College is covering topics due to students from this school making up a majority in the class. However, all relevant y10 topics will be covered by the end of the year (just perhaps in a different order to certain schools) as well as some topics typically considered to be y11.

This group is appropriate for students working at a level 7 or higher.

GCSE Physics + Chemistry (year 11) 


2:30pm - 4:30pm

We take each week as it comes in this class, typically concentrating on physics one week and then chemistry the following week. Most schools follow a similar order by this time of the year and so we are generally able to focus on topics in line with what all students are covering at school. Regardless, all topics covered are relevant for all students in the long run. When no tests are imminent, or we are ahead of the game, we return to certain first year topics for revision (many these have been covered already).


By the beginning of March most schools will have finished all material and so we will initiate a complete revision plan, revisiting every topic from beginning to end (including tackling plenty of exam questions).

This group is appropriate for students working at a level 7 or higher.

A level Maths (2nd year)


4:45pm - 6:15pm

We are focusing on y2 mechanics until around mid-november 2020 before turning our attention to (and hopefully completing) statistics y2 before the end of the calendar year. After the calendar year we will return to the pure maths part of the course before focussing on revision through challenging questions around March-time (i.e. in the lead up to final exams).  

This group is appropriate for students working at a B grade or higher.

A level Further Maths (2nd year)


3pm - 5pm

We are largely following the 2nd-year material in the same order as the textbook. As this is the most sensible order in which to cover topics in Further Maths A level, most schools should follow a similar order to this anyway.


We oscillate between the pure and applied topics as appropriate.


By around March/April time we should have finished the whole course and will focus al our attentions on harder questions. Due to there being limited resources available for Further Maths A level, we will aim to write our own questions for each other, pooling them together to create our own set of resources for Further Maths. 

Due to the nature of Further Maths, this group should be appropriate for all students taking the course.

A level Physics (2nd year)


5pm - 7pm

The majority of students in this class are following the Edexcel course and so focus is primarily on this. However, the overlap is approx. 95% with AQA, and, with Physics A level exams offering an increasing degree of curveball/off-spec questions, the advice is for all students to be comfortable with all material from both specifications.


Note: There is a small amount in astrophysics that belongs solely to AQA. The group will be split for a few lessons in the future to covering this accordingly.

Groups pending interest:

- GCSE Chemistry (year10)

- A level Maths (1st year)


- A level Further Maths (1st year)

- A level Physics (1st year)

-IB Maths and Physics

- GCSE Biology (with Aarti)

- A level Biology (with Aarti)

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