About Joshua

Career in Education

In education, nothing is more valuable than experience. Joshua has been tutoring professionally since the first day he entered university, ten years and counting.

Early Career Path

After finishing university, Joshua acquired a job as a professional, full-time tutor at a prestigious UK tutoring company based in the UAE. During that time he specialised in everything maths, science, entrance exams and essay-writing, for all students KS3 and upwards.

In 2016, he made the move to become a freelance tutor and has been working of his own accord ever since. His personal client-base now extends across the entire globe, although a large majority of his work still remains nested where it all began: the UAE.

The Birth of JTC Education

In 2020, the demand for tuition from Joshua grew beyond the manageable limit for one person. Many clients continually urged Joshua to form and lead a team of elite tutors in subjects beyond his own.


He listened; and so JTC Education was born.

Which subjects, which courses?

The greatest wealth of experience Joshua has is in GCSEs, A levels and IB—principally in physics and maths, but also in certain chemistry courses. He equally has experience in assisting with UK and US university application and essay writing, having guided many students into Ivy league and Russel Group institutions.


It is worthwhile noting that, whilst Joshua specialises in the STEM subjects, there exists an extensive list of other, carefully-vetted and meticulously-trained JTC-certified tutors for help required in any other subject.

Past Students

Joshua has had the privilege of teaching students that have proceeded to study a wide range of subjects at a wide range of institutes—Oxford, Cambridge, and Yale, to name but a few.


Joshua has every confidence that what every student of his gained from their maths and science education, continues to benefit them in all sorts of subtle and unimaginable ways (whether continuing down a STEM career-line or not).