Example Videos


Below are some fun and fascinating educational videos, suitable for any age—just because we can!

This video covers the basics of the mathematics of juggling. Learn how to notate a juggling pattern numerically, how to find jugglable sequences of numbers, and, if nothing else, kick back and enjoy some cool juggling! 

The physics in this video is particularly topical for A-level and IB students, but it can be fairly well understood by anybody comfortable with basic maths. In this video, we'll discover: how woodwind and stringed instruments work; what a harmonic is; why saxophones have a strange button on the top of them; and, if nothing else, a few famous jazz licks interspersed throughout!

Can you solve Joshua's favourite maths problem? It's a classic question for job and university interviews, and yet it requires no more knowledge than that of of an eleven-year old to solve it! Pitch your problem-solving abilities against Joshua in this short and fun video, and see by which clue you can get the answer!