Fees, Cancellations and Settling Payments


Private tuition:

300 AED per hour (with a minimum tutorial time of 1 hour and 30 minutes for 450 AED)


Group tuition:

  • For  a group of 2 students it is : 180 AED per hour per student

  • For  a group of 3 students it is : 140 AED per hour per student

  • For  a group of 4 or more students it is : 120 AED per hour per student


In the interest of fairness, and to be able to see the maximum number of students possible, priority is given to groups rather than individuals.

The above fees are fixed until September 2020.

Cancellations Policy

In the interest of fairness to everybody (both tutors and other students alike), JTC has the following cancellation policies:

  1. Tutorials cancelled on the day of the tutorial will be charged at full price.

  2. Tutorials cancelled one day before the tutorial will be charged at half the price of the tutorial.

  3. If more than one day's notice is given, the tutorial will not be charged. 

  4. A maximum one tutorial per month may be refunded (or credited to the following month) as per policy  3, unless previously agreed otherwise.

As a result of these cancellation policies, JTC Education is able to guarantee its group tuition rates at the beginning of each month, irrespective of if other students miss a group session or not.

In private sessions, there is no issue with a sibling taking a student's place instead of cancelling; however, please be aware that in such cases the tutor may be less well-prepared for the lesson.


In return for these cancellation policies you will receive an incredibly reliable tutor who has never missed a session.


Fair is fair, right?

Settling Payments

Payment can be settled at the beginning of each month via Bank Transfer.


JTC Education presently holds bank accounts in USD, EUR and GBP. 

International bank transfers may be made to the GBP account at the bank's local rate.

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